About Me

Hey! Nice to e-meet you!

I am Svilena :)

I am energetic and committed Web Developer and a passionate Web Designer. I have acquired a rounded comprehensive knowledge of designing and developing layouts, visual concepts, User interfaces and User Experience (UX/UI), possessing a proven track record of successfully completed projects from design through development, testing and handover.
Web developer skills: Concepts: Agile Methodology, Responsive Web Design, Browser Performance, Mobile Web, Accessibility, Usability, UI/UX, Relational Databases, Web Security, Design principles; Designing and developing prototype web pages based upon target audience, information architecture, wireframes, user testing, deployment, SEO; Languages/Frameworks: HTML5, CSS, Sass; JavaScript (React, Node, jQuery, jQuery Mobile); ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC), C#, PHP; (CMS) WordPress, Drupal; Bootstrap, Flexbox;
Design and implementation of a relational databases on an SQL server, Data integrations;
Now the serious things on a side.. I love art and in my free time, I like to paint, to visit exhibitions and galleries, to expand my visual culture and horizons. I am a curious person and I like to learn new things because I believe self-improvement takes an effort every day.
Around the site can be seen some of my recently published works, ideas, projects in work and so on.. here by can be found link to my recent works published on Behance

Dear visitor, enjoy your trip around here..
Sincerely, Me.
Best Regards